Reading Head Start – The Distracted Generation

We live in a very high-stress, fast-paced world. Our children of today are exposed to so many stimuli, and have many ways to consume both entertainment and knowledge that often simple things, such as our children’s reading success, is at risk.

In this digital age, with many distractions, it is now more important then ever to instill in our children a desire to read.

Reading Head Start Distracted Generation

It is no secret that reading is in a decline. Across the board, studies have shown that Americans do not read as much as they used to.

Did you know?

  • 48% of American Adults read literature for pleasure.
  • Over the past decade, the percentage of Americans who read the newspaper, has dropped from 41% to a shocking 23% – this is why the Reading Head Start Program is so beneficial for our children.
  • 43% of American adults read at or below a basic level. This works out to be 93 million people!
  • The number of high school seniors who read in a clear and correct manner, has been in a decline since the year 1992.
  • SAT reading scores are currently the lowest they have ever been in 4 decades.
  • 26% of children who were read to by a family member at least three times a week, could recognise the entire alphabet.
  • 14% of children were not able to recognise the alphabet.

Create A Passion For Reading With The Reading Head Start Program

  • Introduce your children to reading from an early age.
  • Have books, newspapers and magazines around the house. Teach your children that these mediums are apart of our every day lives.
  • Read on your own – if your children see you reading, the chances are they may just copy you.
  • Read with your children.

Give Your Children Tools To Succeed With The Reading Head Start Program

An environment that welcomes reading, provides our children with a foundation and giving your children the reading head start program will help build their love for reading is the next step.

  • The newest generation has grown up in a digital world. Words may look more familiar to them on a screen rather than on a piece of paper.
  • 24% of American 16 year olds, own an e-reader
  • 43% own either a tablet or e-reader. This increased by 6% from May 2010!
  • Apps make reading fun.

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