How Technology Is Damaging Your Child And Their Learning Ability

There have been many debates about the effects technology is having on children today – both positively and negatively however, research has shown that giving your child a Reading Head Start will help decrease the affects technology is having on our children’s decision making skills, attention to details, their ability to retain information, learning ability and information overload.

Unfortunately, children cannot become well-educated adults who are well articulate and all-rounded individuals as technology is distracting and parents aren’t stepping up by reading and bonding with their children, preventing children all over the world from laying the most important foundation of all – Literacy skills.

Literacy skills are of great paramount and if not developed correctly, your child may experience learning difficulties later on down the line.

The greatest concern of all is the development of an early literacy gap. For those with poor reading skills, the outlook is bleak: many will not earn a high school diploma, they will have earnings near the poverty level, and are more likely to commit a crime.

Literacy skills are grossly overlooked yet there are about 1 Billion illiterate adults in the world, according to UNESCO. This is approximately 26% of the world’s adult population.

Woman make up two thirds of that. Help prevent your child from becoming part of that statistic, get them a Reading Head Start.

How Technology Is Sabotaging Your Child’s Education: Get Them A Reading Head Start

1. Attention

Without attention, other aspects such as: thinking, perception, memory, learning, language, ability to problem solve, reasoning and decision-making, are swayed by technology and cannot occur.

There’s no denying it – Our children of today are digital natives and due to the vast amount of distractions, there’s no wonder achieving a consistent attention is next to impossible.

Technology conditions the brain to pay attention to and assume information differently than when reading a book. Reading is crucial as it develops the following:

  • Ability to reflect
  • Engage in critical thinking
  • Be able to solve problems
  • Improved vocabulary

Whilst video games improve the following:

  • Visual-spatial capabilities
  • Improves reaction time
  • Identify details

Whilst video games do assist our children, they merely prepare them for jobs such as air traffic controllers rather than jobs that are more analytical such as Finance and Accounting. Get your child a reading head start.

2. The Information Overload

The internet is a cloud of information and it is said that information doubles in the world every 72 days. Remember, having too much information is just as dangerous is having too little.

3. Decision Making Abilities: Why Your Child Needs A Reading Head Start

The internet is multifaceted. Children have access to a email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gossip websites. The internet promotes newer, faster ways of eliminating the decision making process, thus making it even easier for children to avoid learning the skill all together.

This, of course, will set them back later on when they are out seeking employment as such decision making would include: Salary, whether they will work the stipulated working hours, the distance from home etc.

Technology discourages children from thinking and deliberation and promotes acting on their most base impulses, emotion and needs – anger, fear or the need for approval.

4. Memory Retention and Learning Ability

Does your child need help with math, spelling, languages or science? A major benefit to technology is the ability to search and find help from a vast array of sources. Old-fashioned tutoring has a new competitor in the form of education assistance online.

The prevalence of information that can be found digitally has made learning – and teaching – a lot easier for both parents and their children.

However, there is a flip side to the ease with which information can now be found via technology, and more specifically, the Internet.  Knowing where to look is becoming more important for children than actually retaining that knowledge in their brains.

Basically, our kids are learning to remember less by knowing where information can be found.

The positive aspect of this is given the ease with which information can be found these days, not having to retain information in our brain may allow it to engage in more “higher-order” processing such as contemplation, critical thinking, and problem solving.

So what should parents take away from all this?

The bottom line is that too much screen time and not enough other activities, such as reading, playing outside and playing boardgames, and engaging in good old unstructured and imaginative play, will result in your children having their brains wired in ways that may make them less, not more, prepared to thrive in this crazy new world of technology.

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