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Today’s post will cover an in depth, honest Reading Head Start Review of Sarah Shepard’s Reading Head Start Program. I‘ll share all the details and important information you need to know before buying a copy of the program.

As parents, we all understand the importance of teaching our children to read. Reading is the first academic activity that we teach our children and it can be one of the most rewarding.

But what if your child:

  • Flips through their book and just plays with the pages
  • Makes excuses for their disinterest in reading books
  • Starts helping you in some other work rather than reading
  • Is interested in playing video games rather than listening to your stories

If you see the above signs in your child’s behavior, there is a strong possibility that your child may not be interested in books.

Reading Head Start now used by Over 5 Million Families

Reading Head Start Review

The Reading Head Start Program is a scientifically-verified and simple to follow reading program, created by Sarah Shepard, a mother and teacher with over 14+ years of experience.

All you need is 15 minutes a day, three days a week. During those rewarding moments, your child will learn what they are truly capable of.

This is a Reading Head Start Review – Click here to visit the Official Website for the Reading Head Start Program by Sarah Shepard.

Reading Head Start

Reading Head Start Review: What’s Included with Reading Head Start?

All lessons and worksheets are easy to access on the Reading Head Start online platform. This means that you can access the material via a computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. The platform is user friendly and easy to navigate from, even for children!

In addition to the above, new activities and worksheets are added on a regular basis, so your child will never become bored and is always engaging in new material!

The learning program has been divided into four levels. On each level, you’ll recieve different reading videos, exercises, interactive game, and workbooks.

As your child progresses and completes a level, he/she will be rewarded with a “Reading Head Start Certification” for each level.

With 40 weeks in total, children will always have something to look forward to, come their next interactive assignment. This well-designed structure is what guides parents, as they assist and support their children develop core skills.

Additional learning material can be found when covering certain learning sections. One can expect to find:

  • Picture Cards
  • Letter Cards
  • Letter Formation
  • Sounds Out Cards
  • Irregular Word Cards
  • Advanced Phonics Cards

Techniques Found In The Reading Head Start Program

Reading Head Start Program

Reading Head Start Review: What You Learn From the Program

As a parent, whilst using the Reading Head Start program, you will learn:

  • How to ensure your child excels in his/her reading, even if they do not have interest.
  • What to do and what not to do when engaging in this type of material – advice will be given on how you can still be involved in the teaching process with your child without affecting how they learn at school.
  • You will learn methods of reversing dyslexia – Methods have been proven.
  • You will learn about the bad learning practices of teachers and why they are so obsolete these days.
  • You will also learn on the importance of making sure your child is able to read at an early age and why reading to them on a regualar basis is so important.
  • How to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence. This ensures that your child will be able to have the feeling of self-worth throughout his or her lifetime.
  • How to improve your child’s pronunciation of words.
  • Positive social interactions. This helps in improving your child’s social skills with their peers and other people.
  • Linguistic Development and Communication skills. You learn how to improve your child’s language vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Optimal Neurological development. This ensures that you are able to improve your child’s brain development process to optimum levels.

Reading Head Start Review:FREE Alphabet Flash Cards

Reading Head Start Flash Cards

  • 58 FREE Individual Alphabet Flash Cards
  • Includes Bonus Cursive Cards
  • Number Counting Flash Cards
  • Beautifully Illustrated
  • much much more…

The 58 FREE Alphabet Flash Cards compiled by Reading Specialist Sarah Shepherd show upper and lower case letters. This set of large flash cards is an excellent way to reinforce learning the letters and their sound/symbol relationship.

Download 58 FREE Alphabet Flash Cards

Reading Head Start Program Testimonials

Reading Head Start Testimonial

Thanks for this! I bring these flash cards everywhere with me and whip them out anytime there is some down time with me son – Shelby F, Totonto Ontario

Reading Head Start Testimonial

These are so easy to use on my phone and tablet! And because their always with me on my phone, I use them with my daughter daily. – Louis S, Orlanfo Florida

My son began to struggle with reading when he transitioned from short children’s books to chapter books for kids. It was then that his teacher and I noticed that he was reading much slower than the other children; she recommended that I work with him after school, but I didn’t know where to start. Reading Head Start was the answer. My boy is reading so much faster now and feels confident when reading out loud in class. We’re both happy! –Virginia Mason, Dalas TX

My twin boys have always been slow learners. Their pediatrician told me it was likely because they were born premature since they don’t have any obvious learning disabilities. They just needed to “catch up”, so to speak. Reading Head Start was recommended to me by a friend and we’ve had a great experience. The boys love learning along with my friend’s son and are competitive about reading now—in a good way.- Carol Ingram, Paducah KY

My wife and I noticed our younger daughter wasn’t reaching reading milestones at the same rate her older sister did. We know every child is a unique individual, but after a while, it seemed like something was “off”. We chose Reading Head Start because we heard good things from other parents, and we are seeing our daughter thrive every day now.- John Padilla, Madison WI

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This is a Reading Head Start Review – Visit Sarah Shepard’s Reading Head Start Official Website

Reading Head Start Review: Want To Give Your Child A Reading Head Start?

There is a reason why over 5 million families have already used this method — it works! With that in mind, your child’s newfound skill will be the greatest benefit they’ll experience and will significantly improve their confidence. In addition to the above, you will be able to spend quality time with one another, even if you’re a busy family!

All you need is 15 minutes a day, three days a week and you can get your child to love reading.

Do you have more than one child? No problem, there is unlimited access for everyone in your household! This means that everyone can get involved,with a money back guarantee, for peace-of-mind.

This Award-winning and certified, Reading Head Start will eliminate the need for expensive tutors or developmental delays. And that in itself, is worth the investment.


Reading Head Start Book

Reading Head Start Review: Final Thoughts

Whether you want to start with the free trial or invest in lifetime access, there are numerous options available to suit any parent.

Time and time again, this program has been known for being one of the most effective, loved and enjoyable reading system by children today and this has been supported by teachers all over the world.

Order Reading Head Start to unlock your child’s reading potential.

The more your child will read, the more things he/she will come to know

This is a Reading Head Start Review – Click here to visit the Official Website for the Reading Head Start Program by Sarah Shepard

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