Red Tea Could Improve Your Sleep


I think there’s nothing more comforting than drinking a cup of tea before bed. I used to turn to chamomile and valerian to help me relax and get sleepy, but I have recently started using rooibos tea for sleep and it’s quickly become my favourite.

Seriously, I may never go back to chamomile or valerian tea again!

Rooibos isn’t as popular as chamomile and valerian when it comes to helping sleep, but it may be just as effective.

With its sweet flavour and flowery scent, it’s definitely tastier. And when it’s paired with raw honey, it becomes a very effective and enjoyable herbal tea that has definite sleep benefits. Rooibos tea might just become your favorite, too!

Introducing Red Tea:

You’ve heard of black tea, you’ve heard of green tea. You’ve probably even heard of white tea, but have you ever heard of Red tea?

Its sleep properties are well-known and have been used by the native population in South Africa for generations. Even today, South Africans use Rooibos tea or Red Tea, as a home remedy to get children to settle down to sleep.

In fact, it’s very helpful for those who have insomnia because rooibos contains several compounds that are needed by the body in order to sleep. And when it’s paired with the sleep superfood raw honey, using rooibos tea for sleep is a yummy and effective insomnia remedy

Facts About Red Tea: Did You Know?

  • Red Tea and raw honey contains magnesium (a mineral your body needs to start the sleep process naturally).
  • Red Tea is a great source of Calcium.
  • Red Tea lowers cortisol levels (Cortisol is an important hormone, but too much of it causes insomnia and a bigger butt).
  • Red Tea is high in potassium.
  • Red Tea is caffeine free which is why you can have a cup of tea before bed!

A Natural Sleeping Aid:

There’s many teas that are good for sleep, but there’s few that have such high nutritional value, like Red Tea Does.

To use rooibos tea as a natural sleep aid, you can drink it an hour or so before bed. Its sleep benefits, though, are cumulative: meaning, you’ll notice a difference the longer you use it. So feel free to drink it throughout the day on a daily basis.

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