Reading Head Start, The Road To Success

In this digital age, with many distractions, it is now more important then ever to instill in our children a desire to read. Why not give them a reading head start as well as a better understanding of the impact it can have on the rest of their lives.

Early literacy skills are important to develop from a young age to ensure their reading success and to avoid an early literacy gap.

Reading Head Start Road to Success

 Why Reading Matters: Get A Reading Head Start

  • The annual cost of illiteracy to businesses and taxpayers in the United States is 20 Billion Dollars.
  • 7000 High School students drop out daily due to the fact that they are illiterate.
  • 3/4 people on welfare are illiterate.
  • 3/5 of inmates are illiterate.
  • Get your child a Reading Head Start to avoid a Literacy Gap.

Literacy Is Paramount For Our Children’s Future: Get Them A Reading Head Start

  • It enables our children to attain personal fulfillment.
  • It aids them is being understood and taken seriously.
  • Enables them to take part in and understand civil issues.
  • Enables our children to earn more money.
  • Succeed in their chosen career path.

Literate People Are Most Likely To:

  • Attend and partake in sporting events.
  • To partake in charity and community service.
  • To attend and partake in performing arts events.
  • To visit a museum.

How To Get Your Child To Read: Get Them A Reading Head Start

  • Get them reading on a daily basis before they engage in TV or video games
  • Get your child interested in journal writing. One’s ability to read is amplified by one’s ability to write.
  • Encourage your child to learn a word a day.
  • Encourage your child to read different genres.
  • Encourage your children to read non-fiction books.
  • Give your children books as presents
  • Get your child a Reading Head Start

Download 85 Alphabet Flashcards or Click Here to read my full review of the Reading Head Start Program

Guess which one impacts your child's future success the most...

Reading Head Start

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