Reading Head Start, The Road To Success

In this digital age, with many distractions, it is now more important then ever to instill in our children a desire to read. Why not give them a reading head start as well as a better understanding of the impact it can have on the rest of their lives.

Early literacy skills are important to develop from a young age to ensure their reading success and to avoid an early literacy gap.

Reading Head Start Road to Success

 Why Reading Matters: Get A Reading Head Start

  • The annual cost of illiteracy to businesses and taxpayers in the United States is 20 Billion Dollars.
  • 7000 High School students drop out daily due to the fact that they are illiterate.
  • 3/4 people on welfare are illiterate.
  • 3/5 of inmates are illiterate.
  • Get your child a Reading Head Start to avoid a Literacy Gap.

Literacy Is Paramount For Our Children’s Future: Get Them A Reading Head Start

  • It enables our children to attain personal fulfillment.
  • It aids them is being understood and taken seriously.
  • Enables them to take part in and understand civil issues.
  • Enables our children to earn more money.
  • Succeed in their chosen career path.

Literate People Are Most Likely To:

  • Attend and partake in sporting events.
  • To partake in charity and community service.
  • To attend and partake in performing arts events.
  • To visit a museum.

How To Get Your Child To Read: Get Them A Reading Head Start

  • Get them reading on a daily basis before they engage in TV or video games
  • Get your child interested in journal writing. One’s ability to read is amplified by one’s ability to write.
  • Encourage your child to learn a word a day.
  • Encourage your child to read different genres.
  • Encourage your children to read non-fiction books.
  • Give your children books as presents
  • Get your child a Reading Head Start

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