Pregnancy Miracle Alternatives to Western Fertility Treatments

Alternative fertility treatments provide numerous benefits and options for couples trying to fall pregnant the more natural way.

You’d give your two front teeth to have a baby but you just can’t seem to fall pregnant. It’s frustrating and stressful to you and your relationship. But long gone are the days when Western treatments were your only choice – there are many other options available to help boost your fertility.

Alternative Fertility Treatments Trends

Many more couples are seeking out alternative fertility treatments in an attempt to conceive. The type of treatment varies from acupuncture to homeopathy and even phyto-therapy (treatment using the healing qualities of plants), to mention a few. I have experienced a large increase in patients seeking homeopathic treatment for infertility and other endocrine related problems.

There seems to be a worldwide trend in this direction and people in general are far more aware of the negative impact of artificial hormones in their bodies and are looking for therapies that offer a more harmonious approach to fertility treatment.

Western, Alternative Fertility Treatments or Both?

Western treatments are not successful for everyone. They can result in undesirable side-effects for some women, such as the risk of multiple births. Added to this, conventional medical fertility treatment is very expensive. It can be good to explore your options if you think it might improve your chances of falling pregnant.

If you’re struggling to conceive and want to use both Western and natural fertility treatments, research has claimed doing this can improve your chances of conceiving. However if you decide to follow through with this plan, be open and clear about your treatments with both your doctor and practitioner. This will ensure that a fertility plan is tailored according to your individual needs and you receive the best care.

Using Herbs for Fertility Treatments

Phyto-therapy is an example of a natural fertility treatment. It basically means treatment using the healing and therapeutic properties of plants. Trials have shown promise of improving fertility for women and men. Herbal remedies like Helonias and Agnus help to balance the hormonal systems, and Chinese herbs are very effective in increasing sperm counts.

Another example of a herbal remedy is Fertile XX (for women) and Fertile XY (for men), both by FeelGood Health. These tonics contain carefully selected herbs known for their ability to normalize and improve reproductive health. Fertile XX promotes regular ovulation and hormonal levels conducive to conception, while Fertile XY improves sperm production, sperm mobility and maximizes male reproductive health and functioning.

Are Alternative Fertility Treatments Right for You?

The benefit of natural fertility is that it is an option to any couple wanting to conceive, whether they are healthy or have been struggling to fall pregnant. The other good thing about natural treatments is that they aim to improve overall health. Natural medicine always focuses on holistic health as opposed to treating symptoms in isolation, which is often the approach of conventional medicine.

Prepare your body for pregnancy
It’s important to tweak your lifestyle habits so that you prepare your body for a baby. Follow health tips such as:

  • Getting daily exercise. Aim for three 20 minutes of exercise per week. Walking, swimming or cycling are all great forms of exercise. But remember to avoid vigorous activities once you fall pregnant.
  • Eating healthily. Stock up on fruits, raw vegetables, nuts and organic chicken. Also ensure you get enough fatty acids (found in oily fish, seeds, pulses, beans and unrefined vegetable oils) which stimulate the production of hormones.
  • Reducing your caffeine intake, as it can impede ovulation.
  • Quitting smoking and cutting down on your drinking as these can negatively impact fertility.
  • Relaxing. Although you might hate hearing people tell you to relax, if you’re too anxious it will affect your fertility. Taking up relaxation techniques such as yoga or getting regular massages are just two examples of how you can relieve stress.
  • Working towards reaching your ideal weight. If you’re overweight this can make conception more difficult, while being underweight makes you less fertile.
  • Having lots of sex during your most fertile time – the most likely time for conception is 11 – 12 days after the actual commencement of your last period. Provided you have a 27 / 28 day cycle – if not adjust accordingly or use an ovulation test to indicate when you are ovulating.

Falling pregnant is, contrary to popular belief and all those people having unwanted pregnancies, quite a difficult task and doesn’t usually happen overnight – despite the growing population.

In fact in this day and age falling pregnant can actually be seen as quite a miracle on its own due to the pressures of our daily lives. So take it easy, give it time and seek help and advise when you just don’t seem to be getting it right!

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