Prince or Princess Review: Plan My Baby Scam?

Thanks for taking the time to view my Prince or Princess Review Blog. What I will be sharing with you on my blog is a comprehensive and independent review of Alicia Pennington’s Plan My Baby guide book.

The Plan My Baby eBook is actually called “Prince or Princess?” and the guide talks about the methods and processes a woman and couple can follow in order to create the right environment to have the gender baby of their choice. Basically, the methods and steps outlined in this guide will help couples dramatically increase their chances of having the baby boy or girl they have always dreamed about.

The Prince or Princess book boasts a 94% rate of success of having the gender baby you choose.

Plan My Baby Scam

Now…there are defiantly a few questions being asked about this eBook.

Can it be done?

Is this even possible?

Or is this just another one of those plan my baby scams or old wives tales?

Prince or Princess: Plan My Baby is a guide that is exceptionally thorough and jumps in the deep end of baby gender selection. Alicia Pennington’s has based the entire guide on her own extensive research and experience providing the reader with detailed explanations and methods.

She uninhibitedly explores certain topics that may otherwise be considered “taboo” to talk about in what can be considered a “baby book”. Her attention to detail and her thorough approach to the pregnancy process is what makes this guide unique.

Prince or Princess: Plan My Baby Pros…

  • This guide is not limited to a religion, sex, cultural background or race and can be used by ANYONE who wants to have baby!
  • All of the information Alicia provides is backed by experience and proven research. As she gave birth to a child with the gender of her choice using the exact methods outlined in her guide. This adds a lot of credibility to everything her guide has to offer.
  • Best of all, her guide comes with FREE BONUSES!!! There are two 2 bonuses that are jam packed with information for expecting families and mothers. In the guides Alicia gives a month-by-month description of what expectant mothers need to be aware of during her pregnancy, through Month 1 to Month 9. She also offers some very handy breastfeeding techniques are effective and highly useful for a new mother’s postpartum experience.

Prince or Princess: Plan My Baby Cons…

  • While her own personal experience as well as research and studies have proven these methods to be HIGHLY effective, there is no 100% guarantee. Even if 9 out of 10 people conceive a baby with the gender of their choice, there’s is always still that 1 person who will probably not be satisfied.
  • Alicia’s uninhibited approach to explain certain topics in her guide may be offensive to some. While I personally saw it as gratifying to read her no-nonsensical style of writing, others may think some of the pictures and descriptions may be a bit much.

Prince or Princess Review

My Opinion on Prince or Princess: Plan My Baby

After reading the Prince or Princess: Plan My Baby Guide, I have come to the conclusion that it is not a scam! All though some of the results may seem to be unrealistic, I think if a couple or woman were to approach and utilize the techniques outlined in the guide I am fairly confident the desired gender of your baby could be realized.

I personally think the guide is very informative along with pictures and illustrations to further one’s understanding.

Nothing has been forgotten or left out!

I think that anyone who is planning on having a baby and would like to be able to choose the gender of their unborn baby should get this guide

I am 100% confident that you will be very satisfied!

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