Fertility Problems & Signs of Infertility

Have you been trying to conceive for the past 6 months with absolutely no luck? Starting to feel like you will never hold your own bundle of joy in your arms?

Fertility problems can be a very disheartening and can spread its affect over your entire life. You may even find yourself feeling resentful towards a relative or friend who has just announced that they are expecting.

Before you start to hate every mother or pregnant woman in your vicinity make an appointment with your doctor and get yourself and your partner checked out by a fertility specialist.

There are also many alternative fertility treatments that provide numerous benefits and options for couples trying to fall pregnant the more natural way.

However, knowing some basic fertility problems & other signs of infertility will give you some clues as to why you are not conceiving your dream baby.

fertility problems

Being armed with knowledge is the best way to set your mind at rest or to give you clearer picture of the most appropriate way for you to move forward in your quest to conceive.

The medical jargon used to describe various conditions can be confusing and may make you feel unsettled. We have decided to detail some of the most common fertility problems in both women and men in the hopes of giving you a better idea of what you are dealing with.

Fertility Problems in Women

This condition occurs when the endometrial tissue in the uterine lining grow outside the uterus, often in the abdominal or pelvic cavity. The excess tissue often causes blockages that will prevent conception. This is often a genetic disorder but may also be caused by unstable menstrual cycles or immune system malfunctions. Symptoms of this condition include; painful menstruation or intercourse or unexplained pelvic pain.

Ovulation problems
This is any condition that prevents the release of mature eggs from the ovaries. There are many reasons for ovulation not to take place on a temporary basis, illness can even affect this, but if it becomes a persistent problem there is no way that a baby can be conceived without medical intervention. Symptoms that you are not ovulating include; absent or irregular periods and abnormally light or heavy bleeding.

Poor Egg Quality
If a woman has eggs that have been damaged by infections and age, or if there are chromosomal abnormalities your chances of falling pregnant or sustaining a successful pregnancy are significantly reduced. Bad quality eggs have a hard time combining with sperm to create a healthy embryo, not to mention the fact that if they are fertilised they will most likely result in a miscarriage. The main reason for poor egg quality is age, as a woman gets older the quality and quantity of healthy eggs reduces dramatically, therefore her chances of conceiving a viable foetus are less likely. There are no real symptoms of poor egg quality and the only way that this problem will be picked up is after a thorough physical examination, and if the problem is persistent.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
This condition occurs when the small follicles in a woman’s ovaries do not develop into larger, mature follicles. It is characterised by hormonal imbalances and irregular ovulation patterns. It has many causes a few of which are incorrect diet, lack of exercise or complications caused by The Pill. The most common symptoms of this disorder are; irregular periods, excessive hair growth, acne and obesity.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes
If you have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes your partner’s sperm will have a hard time reaching the egg, and even if some sperm did manage to make it through a fertilised egg would have a serious problem getting to your uterus resulting in an ectopic pregnancy. The main causes of this include; sexually transmitted infections, pelvic inflammatory disease and past uterine surgeries. There are no actual symptoms of this condition and it is usually picked up when a woman struggles to fall pregnant or has an ectopic pregnancy.

Sperm Allergy
Some women have an immune reaction to their partner’s sperm, this means that their body is allergic to the sperm and literally rejects it. This happens because the woman’s body creates antibodies that kill off sperm. About less than 2% of women worldwide experience this problem. There are no symptoms of this condition and it is usually picked up after extensive testing of both parties.

Unexplained Fertility Problems
Many women are diagnosed with unexplained fertility problems if there is no clear explanation for your infertility. Things like weight problems, excessive exercise and environmental toxins may contribute to this problem; however there are no direct links between fertility and infertility. In most cases there are no real symptoms of unexplained fertility.

Fertility Problems In Men

A small number of men have blockages in their ejaculatory duct that stops sperm from getting into their ejaculation fluid. There is also the possibility that the tiny tubes known as the deferens or epididymis tubes are blocked which will prevent sperm from getting to their partner’s egg. This problem may have been caused by infections, injury, congenital defects or a vasectomy.

This condition occurs when enlarged veins known as varicocele in the scrotum increases the temperature of the testes to such an extent that sperm production decreases or stops entirely. This is a physical ailment that does not have a real cause. It is usually only picked up following a thorough physical examination.

Irregular Sperm
Some men have little or no sperm, poor sperm motility or abnormally shaped sperm. All of these can affect the sperms ability to fertilise an egg on its own. These are generally problems that a man is born with and are picked up following an intense physical examination.

Sperm Allergy
This is a very rare condition whereby your body has an aversion to your own sperm and creates antibodies to kill it off. This is generally caused by infection, trauma, testicular torsion (Twisted testicles) or following a vasectomy. This problem is usually only caught after a fertility examination.

Unexplained Fertility Problems

As is the case with women, some men have unexplained fertility problems where the cause can’t be determined. Some fertility experts say that environmental toxins are the cause of this type of infertility, but this cannot be confirmed.

Fertility problems & problems relating to conception can be one of the toughest challenges that any couple will have to face.

Do not let yourselves become disheartened by your struggle, there are solutions to every one of the problems listed above. Try not to forget that you are not alone and many other couples are struggling just the way that you are, and many of them succeed in bringing healthy, happy babies into the world.

Your time will come, so allow yourself time to understand what you are facing and then try to enjoy the journey to conception. Once you have a brand new little person growing in your tummy you won’t care how long they took to get there. Remember, the things that take their time to happen are usually well worth the wait.

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