Closing The Early Literacy Gap with Reading Head Start

Giving your children a reading head start is a sure way to avoid an early literacy gap. Early literacy skills are important to develop from a young age to ensure their reading success.

It is highly recommended that parents get their children to enjoy reading from a young age.

Reading Head Start Infographic Early Literacy

Why It Is Important To Get A Reading Head Start: The 30,000,000 Word Gap

  • By the time underprivileged children have turned three years old, they have heard 30 million words less than the average privileged three year old child.
  • Before they have even started preschool, they have fallen behind and take years to catch up.
  • Studies have shown that some children only start speaking at a scary, five years old because their parents weren’t consistent with interacting.
  • From an early age, Between 86-98% of our children’s vocabluary is developed at home and learnt from parents.

 What Can You Do: Give Your Child A Reading Head Start

For only 15 minutes a day, it is highly recommended that parents do the following with their children:

  • Singing
  • Talking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Playing

Get A Reading Head Start By: Visiting Your Local Library

  • Studies have shown that 50% of words found in books, are more rare.
  • You can attend a storytime with your child – this is beneficial for your child’s learning process as well as making it a bonding experience for the two of you.
  • There are 45 storytimes a week.
  • There are 28 Library Locations.
  • Your child can get their own, free, Library card.
  • You can check out 30 books at a time.
  • There are over 124,101 Children’s picture books available.

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