Getting Children to Love Reading with Reading Head Start Program

The Reading Head Start Program can show you how to impart a love of books from an early age and assist your child in their schooling career later on in life.

It is no secret that reading is a crucial part of a children’s development. In the early stages of our children’s lives, It is highly recommended that parent and child read together at least three times a week.

Developing strong reading skills are an essential part of building a strong imagination, love of story-telling and an interest in learning for our children. It aids their fantasy play too.

Reading Head Start Program: Infographic

Reading Head Start Program

Getting our children to read nowadays has become increasingly difficult. We have to compete with distractions such technology (TV, Xbox, PlayStations) and our children’s busy day-today schedules. We need to create a balance and that is where the Reading Head Start Program can help.

Here are some useful hints and tips to making reading a more favourable topic.

Reading Head Start Program: How You Can Help

  • Ensure your children are reading on a regular basis (Newspaper, book or Magazine).
  • Create a positive environment that promotes reading.
  • Read in a comfortable place.
  • Discuss the story with your child before, during and after.
  • Allow your children to engage with the same book multiple times but also be sure to explore other authors.
  • Get your children their own library card and take them to fun outings and picnics at the library. This way, your children are able to engage in books and learn to be responsible by borrowing other people’s books.
  • Introduce graphic novels  – tip for children who avoid reading (Illustrations and dialogue are fantastic for child development too).
  • Find the story and as well as the movie. After doing both, parent and child can discuss which medium they prefered best.

Reading Head Start Program: Other Book Topics To Explore

  • Space
  • Nature
  • History
  • Animals
  • Machines – How things are made

Considering children are advancing in technology and have shown a great interest in it, we suggest reading on an Ipad or e-reader. Studies have shown that reading on an e-reader provides the following:

  • Progress reminders (great for parents to see and great for children as it boosts their confidence).
  • Reading speed (This can be a great way to identify whether or not your child has a possible learning disability).

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