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Prince or Princess eBook on how to select the gender of your baby before you conceive.

Prince or Princess Guide to Understanding Conception

Planning a pregnancy and adapting your lifestyle and environment accordingly to welcome your prince or princes with the help of a healthy baby gender selection method, has become a common alternative for parents of the 21st century.

To ensure a healthy, risk- and problem-free baby gender selection experience it is important for both partners to familiarize and educate themselves on healthy eating plans,

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Eating Right Whilst Trying to Conceive: Preconception Diet

When trying to conceive it is important to know which foods to eat that can maximise fertility, as well as what to stay away from. Choosing a preconception diet and creating a balanced diet involves meal planning. Nutrition plays a big role when it comes to improving and achieving maximum fertility.

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Conception Guidelines: Hypnotherapy and Conception

Hypnotherapy is thought of as lying on a couch, eyes closed, with colourful circles fast approaching. Your life is so stressful and very busy; every second is filled with meetings, deadlines and high status projects.

Growing up, you decided to become a career woman before a mum.

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Prince or Princess Review: Plan My Baby Scam?

Thanks for taking the time to view my Prince or Princess Review Blog. What I will be sharing with you on my blog is a comprehensive and independent review of Alicia Pennington’s Plan My Baby guide book.

The Plan My Baby eBook is actually called “Prince or Princess?” and the guide talks about the methods and processes a woman and couple can follow in order to create the right environment to have the gender baby of their choice.

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Fast and Easy Ways to Determine Gender of Baby

While one can debate over how ethical it is to be the one determining the gender of your baby before they are born, it remains fact that there are a few natural ways to determine gender of your baby and increase the chances of having a child of a specific gender.

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