Hi there! I would like to thank you personally for viewing my Prince or Princess Review Website. My name is Kim Santini and I have been searching long and hard, online and offline for more information on how to choose or influence your baby’s gender before conception. The journey with this has been a very challenging time of my life and I want to share part of my experience with you.

I refused to give up soliciting information because my husband and I really wanted a baby girl as we already have 3 boys. More than anything, we wanted to have control to plan the perfect family of our dreams. That’s where I found Prince or Princess by Alicia Pennington at planmybaby.com

After many different experience with countless other systems and books, I came across Alicia’s Pennington’s Plan My Baby website and was pleasantly surprised and humbled by her approach to conceiving the baby you’ve always wanted. I created this
Prince or Princess Review blog to share with you what I went through and the results that I achieved through Plan My Baby.

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