Prince or Princess Review – Updated 2020

PLEASE NOTE: The Prince or Princess Guide by Alicia Pennington is no longer available for purchase however, I have found an alternative product that will help you achieve the same results and conceive the baby gender of your choice.

Hi, Kim here.

Today I will be giving an unbiased and honest Prince or Princess Review of Alicia Pennington’s baby gender selection guide. What I am going to share with you are the details you need to know before buying a copy of the guide yourself.

prince or princess reviewThe Prince or Princess Guide is  a complete and accurate guide to help couples with having their dream baby. Thousands of couples around the world have conceived the baby boy or girl they wanted through the methods shown in Prince or Princes Guide without the use of any drugs, risky surgery or “magic potions”, simply by following the 100% natural, proven method inside this baby gender selection eBook.

This is a Prince or Princess Review site – Please Note: The Prince or Princess Guide is no longer available for purchase

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The author of the Prince or Princess Book; Alicia Pennington, has spent an extensive amount of time researching a host of baby gender selection methods and selected the most effective techniques. She has since tested these methods on herself twice, seeing success both times.

Alicia Pennington then made her  baby gender selection methods available to 117 couples, of which 112 couples conceived the baby gender of their choice.

After such an outstanding success rate was achieved with her methods, Alicia Pennington compiled her findings from her years of research and testing into this ground breaking eBook with the aim of changing the lives of families worldwide.

The success rate of this method is over 94% and it works regardless of your age, nationality or medical condition.

Prince or Princess

All together, the Prince or Princess Guide Book comes complete with a simple 3-step guide on what to do to guide you with methods to conceive a baby boy or girl.

Step #1:  The importance of timing your intercourse around Ovulation for conceiving either a boy or girl.

Step #2: How to adjust your diet to create and maintain the ideal environment for sperm to increase your chances of getting a baby boy or girl.

Step #3: How using  different sexual positions could influence conceiving a particular baby gender.

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Prince or Princess Review: Testimonials

quoteDear Alicia,angel-adams-jolene
My name is Angel and this is a sincere thank you note from the bottom of my heart. I am the Happiest mum in the world after the birth of my daughter Jolene… We followed your guide and now we have little Jolene. Your guide is the next best thin that has happened to us!  – Angel Adams, Long Island, New York


 Hi Alicia,
…I bought your guide but mentally prepared myself not to have high hopes. But after my first trimester, I quote-endwas delighted that I had a boy! It may have been a few years back, but i’ll always cherish your help and all the e-mails which you replied to help me through. Thank you Alicia! – Sarala Chandran, Kolkata India

Hi Alicia,sarah-livingston
…My husband and I spend some time reading the two guides but deciding to follow your method wasn’t difficult. As what you have promised in your webpage, your book is realy easy to follow, and the methos is well-explained. – Sarah Livingston, Nashville, Tennessee


Dear Alicia,
I am just writing a short note to tell you that my husband and I really appreciate what you have done to quote-endtransform our lives. We have a healthy baby girl today because your guide has made it possible. We would like to thank you profusely and share our happiness with you. – Wendy Young, Birmingham, England

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This is a Prince or Princess Review site – Please Note: The Prince or Princess Guide is no longer available for purchase

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Prince or Princess Review: Why Should You Read This Guide

The best thing about the baby gender selection methods uncovered in the Prince or Princess Guide is that it is natural, safe, effective, affordable and absolutely risk-free – so you have absolutely nothing to lose and the perfect family to gain!

This impressive guide has helped thousands of couples and families conceive the baby boy or girl they’ve always wanted and the many testimonials and success stories on the official Plan My Baby Website provide the proof.

The Prince or Princess Guide is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t get what you expect for whatever reason, your money will be refunded with no questions asked.

Prince or Princess Review: The GREAT Things This Guide Has to Offer

– Easy to follow 3 step system: Step 1: Ovulation and knowing when you are ovulating, step 2: The gender selection diet and step 3: What sexual position is best? Her methods are designed for everyone to use and they are 100% natural.

– Any one can use this guide: It’s probably the most comprehensive baby gender selection book I’ve read in a long while.

– It’s completely different from ANYTHING you have ever read in this field: Alicia really is an outstanding baby expert, even though her methods are traditional but yet are backed with proven techniques which separates her from the crowd.

Prince or Princess Review: The NOT So Great Things About This Guide

And just as every product or book I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and there are a few flaws I feel that could have been better in Alicia’s guide:

Some of the information that Alicia discusses is basic knowledge that you may know already.

Her process is not 100% guaranteed, in saying that what is these days? The 94% success rate is still very high.

In my opinion, over the last few months I have read some great information on this topic (ways to determine gender of baby) and this was one of the first guides I read detailed instructions of gender selection methods as well as an easy style of implementing these techniques make it enjoyable and yet a valuable read.

Prince or Princess Review

The reality is that you can’t go back and change it after your baby is conceived… so why not harness this opportunity to get the baby boy or baby girl you want by trying the Prince or Princess method now, absolutely risk free!

I hope my webpage and Prince or Princess Review has helped you.

Please feel free to view my healthy pregnancy free download


This is a Prince or Princess Review site – Please Note: The Prince or Princess Guide is no longer available for purchase

Click here to visit Ashley Spencer’s Pick The Gender of Your Baby

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